Aluminium Smoke-protection doors and walls

Technical data


  • standard aluminium profile


  • single-leaf pivot, glass door
  • double-leaf pivot, glass door

Type designations:

  • DN - 1 - A
  • DN - 2 - A
  • DN - FIX


  • plasticised in RAL colours


  • in door jamb (three-sided) rubber – self-extinguishing, black expanded, black
  • in floor with gasket drop down seals


  • lock, central
  • joints, plasticised
  • handle, of choice
  • rosette for cylinder and handle oval, separated
  • cylinder with three keys (standard or with wheel)
  • hydraulic door closer for fire door EN 1154
  • door bolts in fixed leaf (only double-leaf door) a) automatic, for doors with automatic device or panic fixings b) folding for permanently closed secondary leaf


  • glass thickness 12 mm

*The doors are certified by a certified institution as a standard product under an applicable standard, complete classification (according to HRN EN 13501-2)