Connecting non load-bearing wall partition glass walls

Unlimited width of the connecting glass

Grinding glass edge for installation in the multiple side connecting glass (frameless connection, sealing with fire-rated silicone)

Internal application

Glass designed for interior use MUST NOT be exposed to direct ultraviolet radiation.

Before the installation it is necessary to check if there are any visible damages on the glass. Damaged glass or glass with an error must not be installed. Edges of all glass types are equipped with special edge protection bands/tapes. Such edge protection must not be damaged, taken off or altered. Glass with the damaged edge protection must not be installed.  


Trademark: ASSA ABLOY Metalind fire-rated Glass

UV resistance: No

Maximum width (mm): 800mm

Maximum height (mm): 2450mm

Maximum area (m2): 1,96m2

Tempered: NO

Weight: 59kg/m2

Thickness: 25mm + 1-1mm