Steel sliding doors



  • galvanised steel sheet
  • leaf: sheet thickness 0,8 - 1 mm
  • other parts, sheet thickness 1,5 mm


  • single-leaf sliding door,class EI-90..........PV-1/90-K
  • single-leaf sliding with pivot door, class EI-90 ..........PV-1/30-K-Z, PV-1/60-K-Z, PV-1/90-K-Z
  • single-leaf sliding door, telescopic design, class EI-90.......... PV-90-K-T
  • double-leaf sliding door, class EI-90..........PV-2/90-K
  • single-leaf sliding door, class EI-120..........PV-1/120-K
  • double-leaf sliding door, class EI-120..........PV-2/120-K


  •  galvanised or
  • plasticised in RAL colours

Finishing and equipment (standard):

  • weight for door closing (secures safe closing)
  • hydraulic brake regulates permanent leaf closing speed up to 20 cm/s
  • steel guide suspended on the wall above the opening
  • guided cantilevers
  • panel suspension – self-adjustable hinged sliding mechanism with wheels
  • bottom guide for door sliding (hidden under the leaf)
  • automatic device for the open position of leaf and release of the central station alarm signal or manually by the control box push button
  • electromagnet for keeping the leaf in the open position

Finishing and equipment (additional):

  • electric motor for opening and closing
  • door leaf position detector (open, closed)
  • optical smoke detector (when there is no central fire station on the facility)
  • light and sound signalling
  • door locking


  • on the finished wall (reinforced by vertical and horizontal reinforced concrete wall)
  • on the gypsum cardboard wall with steel construction

Door operation:

  • manual opening and closing (opening and closing force up to 50 N)
  • closed door shall be pushed to the maximum open position in order to connect the weight to the electromagnet
  • once the electromagnet is in contact with the weight, it is possible to put the door leaf in any position (the door does not have to be open to the maximum, this reduces draught and unfavourable working conditions in the room protected by the door)
  • automatic closing is done by weight after the electromagnet is released upon the activation of the automatic closing system or by the control box push button
  • sliding speed up to 20 cm/s, regulated by the hydraulic brake

The doors are certified by a certified institution as a standard product under an applicable standard, complete classification (according to HRN EN 13501-2)

Sliding fire rated doors made of steel. Produced as single or double sliding doors or as telescopic doors, with or without passing hinged doors.  Fire resistance of 60, 90 and 120 minutes.