FERRO flat 62 FIRE single/double leaf doors

Technical data


  • galvanised steel sheet
  • door leaf: sheet thickness 0,8 mm
  • door frame: sheet thickness 1,5 mm


  • glass pane, classes EI30, EI60, EI90
  • solid, classes EI30, EI60, EI90 and EI120


E130 glass pane PV-1/30-S solid PV-1/30

E160 glass pane PV-1/60-S solid PV-1/60

E190 glass pane PV-1/90-S solid PV-1/90

EI120 solid PV-1/120

Finishing options:

  • galvanised
  • plasticised in RAL colours
  • veneered door leaf, plasticised door frame


  • in door frame (three-sided); rubber – self-extinguishing; black expanded, black
  • in floor
  • without gasket (standard), only fire door
  • with gasket – drop down seals or threshold; fire / smoke / soundproof


  • fire door lock EN 12209 (standard or panic function)
  • 3D inox hinges
  • fire door handle with round rosette (black PVC or stainless steel)
  • cylinder with three keys (standard or with button)
  • cylinder and handle rosette are round, separated
  • hydraulic door closer for fire door EN 1154 with guide rail (standard RAL 9006)

Installation: dry installation – door frame and wall joint with finish profile

Leaf thickness: 62 mm

Leaf weight:

EI30 approx 40 kg/m2

EI60 approx 45 kg/m2

EI90 approx 60 kg/m2

EI120 approx 75 kg/m2

Single-leaf steel fire doors may also be available in smokeproof design – with EN 1634-3 certificate.

The doors are certified 15 by a certified institution as a standard product under an applicable standard, complete classification (according to EN 1634-1)