Product features

BACH SUPERFIRE EI120 is an automatic fire curtain, class EI120, water-cooled on one or two sides, which in the case of fire limits and controls the fire, reduces not only radiation emissions but also heat transfer, creating fabric insulation for maximum protection of people and properties. The curtain consists of: fiberglass fabric coated on both sides and sewn with reinforced steel wire and attached to a steel roller with a diameter of 78mm; the upper box, side guides and lower bar elements are made of galvanized steel; water supply system for the side opposite to the fire. The entire system is controlled by a 24 Vdc tubular motor and is controlled by an electronic board, BACH's CRM (Motor Control and Management) with a special gravity system in case of a failure. Automatic curtain control panel (CBM), with a nominal input voltage of 115 Vac or 220 Vac and an output voltage of 24 Vdc. An uninterruptible power supply (UPS system) with an autonomy of up to 6 hours exists in all control panels. Tested and approved according to European standards UNE EN 1634-1 and UNE EN 1363-1.


The system can be activated via SHEV, fire alarm contact, built-in fire and smoke detection devices, or manual emergency buttons. In the event of a fire, the BACH control panel (CBM) receives a signal alarm, and the automatic curtain is automatically activated, at a controlled and safe rate of descent even after a complete loss of power on all curtains. In the event of a false alarm, the curtain automatically returns to sleep mode after resetting the alarm from the main fire control system. In the event of a power failure, the curtains will remain fully raised for up to 6 hours thanks to BACH's battery backup system.


  • CBM control panel
  • BACH's tube engine 24Vdc
  • CRM Electronic control panel
  • Upper galvanized steel box
  • Galvanized steel roller
  • Galvanized steel side guides
  • Galvanized steel lower bar
  • Fireproof fabric
  • Escape key
  • Emergency button
  • Electromagnet
  • Sprayer
  • Thermal sensor