Fire cabinet PPC

Technical data


Cabinet door:

  • galvanised steel sheet 0,8 mm 
  • EI60 
  • finishing: powder coating
  • fire-rated glass EI60; dimensions 35 x 35 cm, thickness 25 mm

Cabinet shell (steel panel):

  • galvanised steel sheet 1,5 mm
  • EI90 • finishing: powder coating
  • no back side
  • back side is a wall for mounting (must be fire-rated)


  • rubber and expanding gaskets in cabinet shell (all four sides)


  • fire-rated central lock (EN 12209) 
  • hinges with ball bearing (pcs.2)
  • halfcylinder with 3 keys 
  • fire-rated expanding grills (pcs.2)


  • on the brick or concrete wall 
  • dry assembly walls (with steel construction for mounting) 
  • installations for fire cabinet must be done concealed
  • Dimensions according to the size of fire central

*Most common dimensions 80 x 80 x 25 cm, inside dimensions 65,8 x 65,8 x 18,5 cm.

Option: ventilation fire-rated expanding grill