Which products do you offer?

We offer firerated doors (hinged and sliding), security-firerated, bullet-proof, X-ray (hinged and sliding), smokeproof, soundproof doors and fireproof glass.

What are the data required for making a quotation?

It is necessary to submit the company name and VAT number, name and location of the facility, technical data (schematic, bill of quantities, fire protection study), name and phone number of contact person.

What is the delivery time?

Deadline for installation of the doors is approximately 20 days from ordering, payment and taking measurements.

Do you have finished door in stock?

We have no ready-made doors in stock, each door are made to order and according to measure.

Can the customer install fire doors?

Proper installation of the door requires installation of our professionally trained fitters.

When can the installation of fire doors be done?

Assembly of fire doors is performed after all openings  are processed.

Which color can we choose?

Buyer chooses the color from the standard RAL palette.

What are your standard decorative coverings?

Standard decorative coverings,  in class - beech, ash, oak  as in our sample. Area of the decorative coating is smooth, flat and free of shackles.

Do fire rated door have a sill?

Fire doors don't have a standard threshold, and if necessary, we put a descending seal on the bottom of the leafs and removable threshold. If the door is in the direction of evacuation – it must not have a threshold.

How do you mount fire cabinet on plaster wall?

Fire cabinet can be installed on the plaster wall, if a reinforcement is set within wall with minimum thickness of 2 mm, fixed to the floor and ceiling, or a steel base should be put under it.

What is fireproof glass?

Fireproof glass is glass that has a structure that chemically reacts to an elevated temperature. Glass expansion prevents the passage of flame, smoke and reduces heat transfer to the other (protected) side.

Due to the above requirements fireproof glass are thick and heavy depending on the class of fire-resistance. Made as a sandwich composed of multiple panes connected with a special mass that plays a major role in preventing the passage of heat.

What types and forms of glass products do you produce?

The production program of the company Metalind produce glass fire resistance of 30,60, 90 and 120 minutes for indoor and outdoor use. All windows can be made according to customer's special requirements (glazed, sandblasted, painted).

The basic shape of the glass is flat rectangular glass, depending on the required dimensions. For special requests, we can create flat glass in different shape (round, semicircle, triangle, ...).